Thursday, February 7, 2008

A heart-felt message from Alixianna

To my muslim brothers and sisters out there struggling for their freedom and their right to hijab, I can tell you, the best way to struggle for this right is simply to take away those stereo-types others can use against us. If the hijab makes us suppressed in their eyes, why does it? It is because people think muslim women are abused by their husbands, and that we are worth nothing to Allah or our brothers if we are not untouched vestal-like virgins to bleed in their beds, and make their meals, clean their homes, and bear their children. This stereo-type is one we can break down if we help eachother, if we never let another human being suffer, if we take care of those who turn to us for aid, and don't let them go back to those who do not believe for aid because we have turned them away. This is my plea to you and Allah. This is my dua. That no human being ever has to say 'never again' ever again.

Everyone has written asking me what I want them to do:

1.) I want you to go to your Imam at your masjid and ask that he do something about this within your community. That you want him to go over the sunnah of Prohet Mohammed instilling upon us to care for the orphans (abandoned women and new muslims) and on the brothers, the sunnah of marrying divorced women, and that the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) never, ever struck a wife. Remind your Imam Juma is a good time! Post your pledge here on this message to give me your word you will do this yourselves with your own voices. One voice, even if it speaks in a whisper, if it is telling the truth, can be heard over gunfire.

2.) Those willing to aid muslimahs in a bad circumstance I want you to give me your world addresses (are you in the UK, and if so Kent or London), (if in Canada, are you in Ottawa or Victoria?) to and I will start composing a list of those we can turn to all over the world in case anyone ever asks for help. Post your ideas and anything you can contribute to Daughters of Khadijah's goals that I outlined in the first post on the first post. Anything you are willing to contribute: ideas, funds, property, time, knowledge, is a form of zakat surely, in the truest sense of the word in a time of need for another.

3.) If you have friends like organicmuslimah's fictional H (any abused woman) write me their stories and I will find every hadith and ayah I can to help them find a better life. We should all post everything that we know in these spaces to encourage women to come forward. This is all I have for now. May Allah aid us, for He is the one we turn to, the only.

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American Muslima Writer said...

Masha'Allah!!! I really hope that you can take this global.

(On a side note I think more would take this seriously if they could read what you wrote. I have to literally highlight everything to read it. The blog IS beautiful but if people are turned off from reading it because it's a struggle to their eyes then they might not take in the whole message. Might think about changing the texts so people can read it easily. :) )

Yalla I'll e-mail you though I wish I could do more.